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12.3 mm Laminate Victorian Rosewood

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 Laminate Floor Factory Direct. 20 years warranty

Half inch thick, High Gloss - piano finish, Wax sealed edges - unique water resistant feature.

Sandy Relief Special $1.59/sq ft, no minimum order!!
We, Paramount Floor Mart, recently launched a brand new collection of High Gloss, Super Durable ½” thick (12.3 mm) Laminate floor.

Our direct buying source let you save 65% and even more without surprise.

$1.69/sq ft. No minimum order, $3.29/sq ft value on the market.

Laminate Floor - 12.3 mm (1/2") thick board, 5-1/2" wide plank - a revolutionary development, better than hardwood floor.

High Residential Grade AC3, AE1-European Standard

This 12.3 mm thick, High Gloss board is the latest technology breakthrough in the laminate floor industry. The new High Gloss development features everything as solid wood floor has, but better with scratch free, impact free, splash free and maintenance free.

The thicker board gives you same feeling like walking on the solid hardwood floor. The beveled edges create boards looking exactly same as the real hardwood floor. The New Feature - wax sealed tongue and groove edges, effectively protect the board free from the drink splash damage and moderate water damage. The click and lock system makes the installation ever easier. Since there is no nail, no glue needed for this floating floor, repair and replacement will never be a problem again.

If you are a tenant, you know what? you can bring it with you when you move.


Color: Victorian Rosewood, Victorian Cherry, Brown Wenge and Royal Maple.

Size: 1213mm X 143mm X 12.3mm, (47.76" X 5.63" X 15/32")

Surface Area: 18.62 sq sf/carton

Packing: 10 planks each carton

Net weight: 43.68 lb/carton

Structure: Click & lock system

wax sealed tongue and groove

Material: HDF (High Density Fiberboard)

Density: > 850kg/m3

Wearing Grade: AC3

Compliance: European Standard PrEN13329, E1

North American CENT/TC W3 Standard

Finish Warranty: 20 years for residential

Installation Instruction is included in each package.

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