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Birch 4" Black

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Home Sale for Homerwood Birch Run Floor Has Great Savings, 6 Colors Same price.

Birch Run™                                             www.homerwood.com  

The rich elegance of HomerWood's all American birch lends an air of distinction to any room where the beauty of the wood is of the utmost importance. Birch wood is fine grained with an attractive satin like luster. While all trees are naturally renewable, not all are able to be utilized to the full extent like the Birch tree. This capability makes it an environmentally friendly resource precisely milled by HomerWood.

Birch Run Solid Floor has 6 colors on Sale, lead time 3 weeks.

 Solid 3/4" x 4" in width, $Call 646-322-1911 for price

 Colors: Black, Blush, Mist, Neutral Beer and Berry

 Surface:    Smooth

Construction:   3/4" Solid

Widths:    3", 4" & 5"

Lengths:   Long, Random, 1-7'

Finish:      Satin, UV Cured Urethane With Aluminum Oxide or Oil Finish

 Solid floor 3" and 5" also on sale, Call 646-322-1911 for details.


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