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Paramount Floor Mart > Oak Brushed Veneto 73"x7.043" Click & Lock
Oak Brushed Veneto 73"x7.043" Click & Lock

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Prod. Code: 1204360

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 500 sf min. order, 7.043" Click & Lock   

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When you want a floor to set the tone, create a mood or make an impression, nothing can compare with hardwood. The endless design options available with hardwood flooring make it easy for you to create a truly unique living space.

Solidfloor  ensures you a quality hardwood floor with gracious elegance and a uniquely comforting warmth of character.

SolidFloor Pre-finished, Engineered Oak Hardwood Floor

Feature Highlighted:

3 mm Top Layer, Radian-Heat-Proved, Locking System, Brushed, Mill Run Grade

Manufacture:           Solidfloor - Made in Holland

Collection:               Original

Item#:                      1204360

Species:                  Oak

Construction:           Engineered hardwood, Click & Lock Tongue & groove

Color:                      Oak Veneto

Width:                      7.043"

Thickness:               14 mm  ( 3 mm Top Layer )

Length:                    73.234" ( Each board is 73" )

Edge Design:          Micro-Beveled Edge / Square End

Grade:                     Mill Run

Guarantee:              25 Years

Category:                Good

Bevel:                      Micro

Installation Type:     Floating - Click & Lock System

Finish Type:            Prefinished, Brushed 

Finish:                     Lacquered

Installation Level:    Below / On / Above Ground

Carton Coverage:    30.257 sq. ft.

Inventory:               Call for the stock info

Item # 1204360 - Oak Brushed Veneto

Item # 1204360 - Oak Brushed Veneto

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