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Paramount Floor Mart > Vivaldi French Oak Giustino 6.5" x 1/2" 8 colors
Vivaldi French Oak Giustino 6.5" x 1/2" 8 colors

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Prod. Code: VCGI 467

September Special Sale - 50% off $4.29/sf

Planks 1/2" thick by 6.5" in width and 8 colors.  For minimum order of 500 sq. ft. Be quick, limited stock.

Call us today at 646-322-1911, you can save hundreds to thousands.

Vivaldi Collection - Raw wood allure unveiled

By Inspired the beauty of the nature as expressed in the four seasons' masterpiece by Vivaldi here is natural wood in its finest pronouncement.

True French Oak sets the stage for exceptional beauty that is captured in this collection and renders a natural raw wood look that is mesmerizing.

8 color options for this collection is available now:

- French Oak Glori,

- French Oak Concento

- French Oak Silvia

- French Oak Triumphans

- French Oak Stravaganza

- French Oak Magnificat

- French Oak Olimpiade

- French Oak Giustino